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Our commitment to expeditiously guiding you through complex legal challenges has been the hallmark of our 20 plus years of service. You have a problem that needs professional legal counsel – We are here with the solution.

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Estate Planning

Crabtree Law Group, P.A. offers services in estate planning, trusts, and probate matters. Our family atmosphere allows our clients to feel comforted in having attorneys who are willing sit down and listen to their needs and concerns.  Our firm is very understanding of the high costs involved with today’s legal matters and will do everything in our power to cater our services to our client’s unique situation. Our comprehensive information sheet allows our clients to be assured they have thoroughly thought about every estate planning situation.  This also allows our team of attorneys to better customize the estate documents to our clients specifications.

In addition to estate planning, our attorneys handle full probate matters. Probating an estate can be stressful and burdensome for families during a tough time.  Crabtree Law Group, P.A.’s unique approach comforts our clients while providing the most efficient representation to quickly help guide their heirs through the probate process.  We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns our clients and their families may have in regards to the estate planning or the probate process.

Whether through trusts or wills, our attorneys are experienced in mitigating risks involved with estate planning.  Our goal is to provide for the most cost efficient means for the transferring of assets in the future, while protecting our client’s interest in the present.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a unique form of insurance paid as a onetime fee usually at a real estate closing/consummation. Title insurance protects the insured from encumbrances against the property whether known or unknown, such as unpaid mortgages, liens, improper deeds, etc.  There are two main forms of title insurance: 1) Owner’s Title Policy; and, 2) Lender’s Title Policy.    The Owner’s title policy protects the purchaser of real estate up to the policy amount (generally the purchase price) from any title defects.  The lender’s title policy protects the lender up to the loan amount for any title defect claims that may arise claiming another party has priority over their claim against the property.

At Crabtree Law Group, P.A., we are one of a small handful of title companies in Northeast Florida that is ALTA Third Party Certified to ensure that our office is fully compliant with all the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) laws. Our attorneys assists our clients by examining title searches, preparing title opinions, and reviewing potential title defects.  Our closing department works closely with a national title insurance underwriter to issue title commitments and title policies to ensure that any home purchaser who closes their loan at Crabtree Law Group, P.A. can be at ease with their transaction.

As Crabtree Law Group, P.A. is a full scale law firm, we also represent a multitude of clients such as commercial banks, mortgage banking associations, or other institutional lenders. Being a full scale real estate firm with experience working with large scale lenders, Crabtree Law Group, P.A. has the necessary competence in handling commercial or construction loans.

Some of our services include:

Cash HUD Closings

Residential Consummations/Closings

Commercial Closings


Short Sale Negotiations

Construction Loans


Crabtree Law Group, P.A.’s attorneys are well versed in handling claims that may arise involving title insurance.  Often times when an issue with title arises, hiring an experienced group of attorneys who understands the complexities of title insurance allows for comfort throughout the litigation process.  By issuing title policies during closings/consummations, Crabtree Law Group, P.A. has the experienced background, knowledge, and legal team to assist walking our clients through the steps to recovery.


The V of the Gramm-Bliley Act (GLBA) generally prohibits any financial institution, directly or through its affiliates, from sharing nonpublic personal information about you with a nonaffiliated third party unless the institution provides you with a notice of its privacy and practices, such as the type of information that collects about you and the categories of persons or entities to whom it may be disclosed. In comliance with the GLBA, we are providing you with this document, which notifies you of the privacy policies and practices of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Crabtree Law Group, P.A.

We may collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:

  • Information we receive from you such as on applications or other forms.
  • Information about your transactions we secure from our files, or from (our affiliates) others.
  • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency.
  • Information that we receive from others involved in your transaction, such as real estate agents or lender.

Unless it is specifically stated otherwise in an amended Privacy Policy Notice, no additional nonpublic personal information will be collected about you.

We may disclose any of the above information that we collect about our customers or former customers to our affiliates or to nonaffiliated third parties as permitted by law.

  • Financial service providers such as companies engaged in banking, consumer finance, securities, and insurance.
  • Non-financial companies such as envelope stuffers and other fulfillment service providers.


We restrict access to nonpublic information about you to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a specific form of litigation that focuses mainly on business related issues.  Understanding the transactional side of businesses allows for our attorneys to be more experienced in knowing and understanding the complex aspects of commercial litigation in order to take a strategic approach to fighting for our clients best needs.  Some general commercial litigation practice areas are: business disputes, corporate litigation, partnership and shareholder disputes, principal-agency law, UCC violations, disputes over the sale of commercial goods, and injunction practice.

At Crabtree Law Group, P.A. one attorney does not handle a litigation file alone.  Even though we are a small law firm, we pride ourselves in having a team approach to allow for attorney discussion on all litigation files.  Whether through resolving a lawsuit through mediation or trial, having the diversified ideas of a team of attorneys fighting for the same purpose ensures our clients receive the best representation possible.  Crabtree Law Group, P.A. is very cognizant of the high costs and burdens of litigation and always takes that into account while striving to resolve our client’s needs.


If you are planning on starting a new business or expanding a current business, having a trusted business lawyer will help ensure you are protected in all aspects of your business expansion.  As a small law firm, we understand the complexity and protection needed when starting up your own small business.  Our attorneys are experienced in providing the necessary guidance and advice to our clients in order to cater to their business needs.  Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to: corporate entity formation such as the creation of an Incorporation or Limited Liability Company (“LLC”), review of business plans for newly created business and potential liability pitfalls, compliance issues, and strategies on limiting your bottom line. Once established, our attorneys can work together with our clients to ensure that your business continues to grow and prosper.

Home Owners Associations

Over the years, Homeowners and Condominium Owners Associations have increased to the point where experienced legal representation is needed. Whether working directly with the board or in conjunction with a management company, Crabtree Law Group, P.A. is one of the first law firms in the Greater Jacksonville area to tackle and grasp this specialized form of law.

Crabtree Law Group, P.A. is involved in every aspect of HOA or Condo Association law from the inception of representing developers who intend to begin a planned development to assisting with the creation of the association and thereafter drafting/amending the governing documents. Once the association is created, our attorneys work closely with the board during violation disputes and collection matters for the failure of homeowners or condo owners in paying their assessments.

Furthermore, Crabtree Law Group, P.A. represents well over 100 different HOA and Condo Associations in Duval, Clay, Nassau, and Saint Johns Counties in regards to their collections policies. Ensuring the associations members are paying their assessments whether it be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, while being sensitive to the members’ financial conditions is imperative to a healthy association.  Collecting delinquent assessments is a responsibility of the association to its members in providing for the highest values to their homes and also to the associations capability to run effectively.  We strive to take the complex legality of collecting delinquent assessments out of the hands of the association so they can focus on other aspects of the community.  Part of this approach is providing our services to the association by attending their board meetings to ensure that all formal and legal protocol is followed.  Volunteer Board members are inundated with complex legal situations and our experience in all corners of HOA or condo association law ensures that the association is running at full efficiency.

If you have any questions in regards to your HOA or Condo Association, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced attorneys.

Real Estate Law

Crabtree Law Group, P.A. is a full scaled real estate law firm located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. Whether residential or commercial, Crabtree Law Group’s attorneys understand both the litigation and transactional sides of real estate law.  Our office has represented numerous clients in and around the Jacksonville area from builders developing large neighborhoods, complexes, or condominiums all the way to assisting the for sale by owner client who needs a helping hand through the sale of their single residence.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Often times disputes arise from unanticipated situations or circumstances that may lead to litigation. Our attorneys are in court on a weekly basis.  Whether that be through bank foreclosure representation, foreclosure defense, or breach of contract disputes our attorneys and staff are dedicated to protecting and preserving our clients rights.  Understanding the process and issues of real estate litigation allows our attorneys to easily transition back to transactional real estate thereby having the foresight in drafting around and preventing anticipated legal disputes that may arise in the future. Some of our services include:


  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosures
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Construction defects and liens
  • Contract disputes


  • Residential and commercial closings
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Easements
  • Contract drafting
  • Sale of business
  • Zoning and land use
  • Drafting Covenants and Restrictions associations